Are You a High Achieving Woman over 30 that is sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

You’ve worked hard in school, invested in yourself and are always pushing yourself to higher limits…

all while holding it down at home, with your career, your business. You’ve been able to give 110% for years but your body is starting a revolt. You’ve got acne worse than your teen years, your hair is dry, brittle and way too many strands are left behind in the shower. Not to mention the brain fog is starting to affect your performance at work. 

Do You wake up feeling exhausted even though you passed out early, remind no one to talk to you until you get your caffeine fix, and then rush around like a mad woman in the morning making sure everything and everyone is situated…

but also somehow manage to forget your lunch, and blame it on “baby brain” even though your youngest is in elementary school? You switch hats from mom to career woman. You get through your morning okay, but then you hit 2pm and the slump hits right before you have to head into a meeting with leadership. You manage to struggle through your day, but are way too tired to cook that wholesome meal you found on Pinterest. Switching  and instead have your significant other pick up takeout on their way home. While the kids love the meal, you almost immediately start having gut symptoms and have to run to the bathroom. Once your stomach settles, you try to relax and watch tv but fall into a deep sleep on the couch. You definitely have no energy for “sexy time” and instead try to slip into bed without waking your s/o while trying to fall back asleep while all of tomorrow’s tasks flash through your mind.

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I Get it…
I Am a crazy wearer of many hats too! I’m the glue for my family and friends. The wife, mom, planner, advice giver, researcher, the Big Sis.
You may wonder how I got to where I am now. I refined my HERE Formula (Heart, Energy, Reclaim, Experience). I learned to lean into my Heart, shift my Energy, Reclaim my peace and Experience my life more fully. Using this framework allowed me to make sustainable changes to improve my hormones and my life. I now feel like I have the energy of my 20s, I’ve dropped the pandemic weight, I’m off thyroid medication, and my hair and skin are glowing.

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