Let me Show you how to Balance your Hormones & Health naturally

no matter the color of your skin, gender identity, or ethnicity.

Let’s be honest healthcare outcomes for Black & Brown women are unacceptable and I want to teach you what I’ve learned being both a healthcare “insider” & a patient.

I’d love to hear more about your healthcare experiences. Use this link to submit anonymously.

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Hey There! I’m Rosa

Holistic Wellness Guide

I’m a Registered Nurse currently training to be a  Family Nurse Practitioner.

I believe in a patient-centered experience that partners patients with their dream healthcare team. I dream of openness, mutual respect, and true collaboration of everyone.

Let’s get real here, Black women have some of the lowest healthcare outcomes in the United States. Other marginalized communities unfortunately have similar experiences and I’m on a mission to change that through a holistic health approach.


Image of Rosa Crumpton, BSN, MBA, RN

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